Certification Systems for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods

30 June 2014


On 30 June 2014, EUKN and CIPU (Cellule nationale d’Information pour la Politique Urbaine) organised the second edition of the EUKN Policy Lab in Luxembourg. The central theme of this Policy Lab was “Certification Systems for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods”.

The morning discussions included the dissemination of innovation strategies for sustainable buildings and neighborhoods and comparison of international certification systems. The participants were provided with an overview of some of the most common certification systems such as HQE Aménagement, LEED-ND, BREEAM or DGNB as tools to evaluate and maintain high quality standards in urban development. The potential and limits to the use of some of these systems were explored in more detail and Luxembourgish initiatives, policies and networks supporting the development of sustainable urban quarters were presented.

The Luxembourg case studies were followed by a showcase of Danish experiences regarding the adaptation of sustainability certifications for buildings and city quarters.

The Policy Lab fostered discussions and allowed for a knowledge exchange on the development of sustainable urban quarters.