Circular Economy

18 June 2015


The EUKN Policy Lab on Circular Economy took place in the Hague on 18 June 2015 with participants from the French Institut Economie Circulaire and the City of Copenhagen. It was organised in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Working towards a circular economy is a priority of the Dutch government and various ministries have begun to explore the topic of circular economy. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and of Infrastructure and the Environment are developing various programmes to work towards a more circular economy. Thus, the Policy Lab included an overview of the Dutch context in relation to the European perspective by linking circular economy approach to the national and European policies.

The experts from France and Denmark presented case studies which fostered discussions amongst participants. The presentations included recommendations on the role of national government and cities on their approach towards circular economy. Laetitia Carré introduced the Institute and the main French Circular Economy projects. Morten Hojer, on behalf of the City of Copenhagen, elaborated on the Danish capital vision on circular economy and the circular city. He introduced the “MainStream” project, a CEO-led global initiative which engages in a large scale multi-city collaboration.

In light of the showcased initiatives and approaches from France and Denmark, the participants commented on the role of national and local governments in promoting the circular economy by comparing the case studies with the Dutch context. Further discussions focused on identifying main bottlenecks for the implementation and whether city is an appropriate scope for promoting circular economy.