One Year Pact of Amsterdam

4 July 2017


The EUKN organised a Policy Lab for the Netherlands on 4 July 2017 which was devoted to the first anniversary of the Pact of Amsterdam. The event was jointly organised by the EUKN, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, and the Dutch research organisation Platform31.

The Policy Lab was built on the input of Dutch stakeholders who are shaping the Urban Agenda for the EU. Throughout the Policy Lab, speakers and audience discussed the state of the implementation of the Urban Agenda for the EU one year after the presentation of its funding document, the Pact of Amsterdam. Setting the scene, EUKN's Director Mart Grisel presented the findings of all eleven actions in the Pact of Amsterdam. The main recommendations emerging from this first stock-taking are from procedural, institutional, and political nature. They cover the political and institutional embeddedness of the Urban Agenda, linkages between Partnerships, and the connection between the Urban Agenda for the EU and the United Nations' New Urban Agenda.

Several Dutch Partnership Coordinators and members provided their personal experiences stemming from the hands-on Partnership work. Moreover, a political panel discussed further implications of the Urban Agenda process and conditions for its success.

The Netherlands stay committed to making the implementation of the Pact of Amsterdam and the Urban Agenda for the EU a success. The Policy Lab was a building block of this engagement, bringing together Dutch stakeholders to enable an exchange on the future of the Urban Agenda.