Energy transition in the built environment

6 December, 2018


The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, on the 6 December 2018, commissioned the European Urban Knowledge Network - EUKN EGTC to organise a one-day conference on the topic of Energy transition in the built environment. The event took place in COMM museum in The Hague bringing together mostly local, but also an international audience. Several foreign experts (Austria, Belgium, French, Germany, Denmark and Spain) presented good practices of the energy transition processes from their countries.

Within the working framework, the aim of the conference was to learn from experiences about transformations of the built environment in the process of making it more sustainable. The panel discussion was mainly focused on the energy transition(s) in other European countries so that the Dutch government can create the societal support and design the right instruments for the transformation in the near future.

Besides the keynotes and rich panel discussion, three interactive workshops focused on these topics:

  • Societal support: How to activate homeowners and housing cooperation?;

  • The role of experiments, including the private sector;

  • Governmental instruments: financial, legal, deals.

The participants' background was rich in variety, not only from the Dutch governmental institutions but also from various other walks of life (NGOs, academics, think-tanks, students, housing associations, etc.), which contributed to the vibrant discussions during the workshops. The plenary discussion summarising the main conclusions from the workshops was one of the spotlights of the day and brought success to the conference.

The Dutch government still needs more time to find out the final answer for the quest of energy transition in the built environment. However, the goal was set and very first steps on the transformation path have been taken. With the cooperation between the government, energy companies and citizens, 7.8 million homes and 1.1 million office buildings in the Netherlands will be converted into sustainable and natural gas-free by 2030. 


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