The New Leipzig Charter and JRC's Urban Activities

26 November, 2020


Organised in cooperation with the Territorial Development Unit of the Joint Research Centre (JRC.B.3), this webinar was held on 26 November 2020 (14:30-16:00 CET). The webinar provided a space to discuss the findings of the EUKN study ‘The New Leipzig Charter and the JRC’s Urban Activities’, broadening the reflection to role of science for policy post 2020. It involved an interactive session, where participants were invited to share their thoughts on how to address identified gaps and capitalise on opportunities.

The EUKN study investigated the role that the JRC, the Commission’s science and knowledge service, can play in supporting urban policymaking within the framework for sustainable urban development proposed by the New Leipzig Charter (NLC) for the next ten years to come. By analysing how the core ‘urban’ activities of the JRC.B.3 align with the NLC framework, the study reflected on how this role could be strengthened beyond 2020. The reflection was then expanded to consider both gaps and opportunities within the wider EU urban science-policy interface, considering the ongoing development of urban matters in the EU and the urban dimension of its policies.

Read the EUKN study ‘The New Leipzig Charter and the JRC’s Urban Activities’

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