Unravelling the 'green' actions of the Urban Agenda for the EU - Part I

9 June, 2020


The EUKN webinar for Slovenia was informed by the upcoming Slovene EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2021. It specifically investigated in what way the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU) process can be harvested with a view to the theme of environmental sustainability.

To do so, the EUKN Secretariat developed an approach for the analysis of the ‘green’ actions of the UAEU that call for the involvement of Member States and the EU level. The approach is based, inter alia, on the clustering exercise performed by the 2019 Finnish Council Presidency and DG REGIO.

Before the event, a booklet was distributed collecting the results of applying this approach to three selected actions: ‘Help make waste legislation support the circular economy in cities’ and ‘Help make water legislation support the circular economy in cities’ (Circular Economy) as well as ‘Better Regulation to boost NBS at European, National and Local Levels’ (Sustainable Use of Land and Nature-Based Solutions). During the webinar, the results were showcased and discussed.

The insights gathered during the meeting will inform the activities planned for Slovenia in 2020, which will be communicated soon on the EUKN website.

These activities are going to be functional steps within a broader process to be continued in 2021, the year of the Slovene EU Council Presidency. The ultimate goal of this two-year cooperation is to provide input to a set of recommendations to ministers, informing the planned Informal Ministerial Meeting under Slovene Presidency. Those recommendations should entail clear directions on how to follow up on those UAEU actions that deal with regulatory obstacles faced by cities when trying to reach environmental goals.