Greener Europe, Greener Cities - Conference Report

EUKN, 2020


This publication explores the concrete contribution of the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU) towards Europe’s sustainable transition by focusing on its environmental face: the most straightforwardly ‘green’ Partnerships. It builds on the EUKN Conference ‘Greener Cities, Greener Europe – How the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnerships can bring sustainability closer to citizens’, which was organised on 7 October 2019 as an official side event of the 2019 European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC). Both the conference and the publication were commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

The conference, acknowledging the dominant role of the urban realm in the fight against climate change, sought to answer three main questions:

1. What is the role of cities and citizens in implementing sustainability policies?
2. How can the ‘green’ Partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU contribute to bringing sustainability closer to citizens?
3. How can key political stakeholders support the implementation of the Actions proposed by the Partnerships?

By elaborating key findings from the conference and analysing the experiences of the ‘green’ Partnerships, this study wishes to gather knowledge on existing practices and gaps in bringing about an urban sustainability transition, structurally supported by the outcomes of the Urban Agenda for the EU.

The conference and this publication represent the start of a series of EUKN activities to future-proof the UAEU after 2020. By supporting the preparations of the incoming German (2020-2) and Slovene (2021-2) Presidencies, the EUKN is part of this strategic discussion. To learn how to get involved in the various activities, please contact the EUKN’s Director Mart Grisel ( directly.