Localising the Sustainable Development Goals

EUKN, 2020


Exploring the localisation of the 2030 Agenda at the European level, and specifically drawing on the experience of EUKN members, this Dossier seeks to consolidate the Network’s knowledge base by building on key issues identified in the German Policy Lab ‘Urban Transformation Pathways in European Cities’. It combines policy analysis with practice, contextualising the urban relevance of global sustainability agendas and their translation at the local level. To do so, the Dossier investigates barriers to and opportunities for the urban realisation of SDGs, showcasing the localisation experience of forerunner Dutch cities. By reviewing the different approaches, implementation tools and reference frameworks at the global, EU, national and local governance scales, the Dossier identifies the need for enhanced vertical and horizontal coordination across levels. It also points to the need for a place-based approach to adaptation, implementation, and monitoring which reflects the territorial dimension of the SDGs and importance of validated (local) data.