Bárbara Oliveira Soares


Bárbara holds a BSc in PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics) where she majored in Economics and Business with a minor in Latin American Studies. She’s Peruvian and Portuguese and grew up in Frankfurt, Germany. Currently, she is completing a MSc in Urban Geography, at the University of Amsterdam where she is writing her thesis on the financialization of housing. Her interests lie in urban developments, specifically in placemaking, enhancing civic participation and the right to the city.

Bárbara has worked on increasing civic youth participation by fostering youth engagement in local social and environmental developments through knowledge sharing, educational programmes and employment opportunities. 

Joining the EUKN gives her the opportunity to put all academic learnings she has compiled over recent years into practice. Specifically, she is looking forward to deepening her understanding of national urban policy and how this functions within European cooperation.