Elja Diepenbrock

Senior Project Manager

Elja Laurens Diepenbrock holds a Master Degree in Political Science, with a focus on EU Policy-Making and Development and Migrant Studies. He counts with 25 years of experience in European and international work and 20 years of experience in sustainable urban development. Due to his work in a variety of assignments within, or addressed to, European cities and regions, he has actualised knowledge of tendencies, challenges, dilemmas and practical solutions in cities.

Elja has been involved in a variety of EU initiatives and projects, based around urban policies, social and economic practice, culture and arts, and knowledge management.

As Process Manager URBAN II and Objective 2 for the City of Amsterdam, he coordinated a 138-million-euro-budget to improve socially-deprived neighbourhoods in the western and eastern part of this city.

In the past he was also active for the Eurocities Policy Working Group on Urban Research, proposing a comparison of research interests and policy measures of cities, and more recently he was validated as Lead Expert for the URBACT III programme.

He is characterized as a versatile generalist. He has a very broad interest and is passionate about connecting the developments and decisions in the EU and the UN with the reality of citizens in urban areas.

Elja is at ease in delivering tailor-made conferences, seminars, workshops and trainings and speaks English, Spanish and Dutch fluently.