Mart Grisel


He is a highly experienced urban professional working at the interface between policy, practice and research at the European and wider global level. He is also a strong strategic thinker and knowledge partner of national governments, European institutions and UN-Habitat. Excellent networker and speaker / moderator at European and global conferences. Strong political and strategic skills, experienced programme manager of multicultural teams fluent in English, French and Dutch, and proficient in German and Spanish. Mart has more than 15 years experience in European knowledge exchange and cooperation with EU member states and European Commission. Long track record in policy oriented research commissioned by various Presidencies of the Council of the EU (Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania, Greece, Latvia, and the Netherlands). Strong involvement in the establishment of the Urban Agenda for the EU and the New Urban Agenda. Experience in coordinating various EU funded projects and programmes in urban sustainability, energy efficiency, youth unemployment, labour mobility, migration, urban poverty, social inclusion & integration, smart cities, polycentric urban regions, regional economics, globalisation. Mart holds an Executive Master Degree in Strategic Urban Studies (MSUS) from the Netherlands School for Public Administration (2013), an MPhil (Diplôme d’Études Approfondies, DEA) from the University of Paris VIII à Saint-Denis, and two master degrees (MA) from the University of Groningen, Netherlands (French, Comparative Literature).