Milagros Falus


Milagros holds a BA in Foreign Affairs and is specialised in the development and management of Non-Profit Organisations. She is originally from Buenos Aires, where she led the implementation of field and advocacy projects, all of which shared a human-centred approach and brought together a diverse range of stakeholders, until Spring 2020. Research and strategic communications have been essential to her work addressing the complexity of socio-political issues and striving for meaningful impact.

Moving to the Netherlands in mid-2020 has pushed Milagros to transition her career and focus on urban matters. To complement this, she has recently pursued some academic studies in the field of Sustainability, Urbanisation and the Circular Economy. Joining the EUKN represents an opportunity for her to gain practical experience and deepen her understanding of the EU. She also hopes to contribute to fostering international cooperation between the EU and CELAC countries.