Interviews, Archive (2013-2018)



Energy transition in the built environment in the Netherlands

November 2018

The EUKN interviewed Mr Joram Snijders, Senior policy officer, Department of Construction and Energy, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations on the topic of energy transition in the built environment in the Netherlands.

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Functional Urban Areas in the EU Member States

September 2018

The EUKN interviewed Ms Ioana Ivanov from Civitta on the topic of Functional Urban Areas in light of the preparatory study "Functional Areas in Member States of the Council of Europe" for the 17th CEMAT Session that took place in November 2017.

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European Capital of Smart Tourism

July 2018

In line with a preparatory action proposed by the European Parliament, in 2018 the European Commission launched a new competition to award the title of European Capital of Smart Tourism 2019 to two European cities with the most smart, innovative and inclusive approaches to their tourism development. 

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Leeuwarden-Friesland the European Capital of Culture 2018

Jun 2018

The EUKN interviewed Mr Oeds Westerhof, a Legacy Director of the Leeuwarden-Friesland Foundation 2018 on the topic the European Capital of Culture and Leeuwarden-Friesland's role as a host of numerous events, festivals, shows, performances and concerts in 2018.

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Sustainable urban development in Europe

October 2017

The EUKN interviewed Mr Maycon Sedrez, Dr. in Architecture and Urban Design, an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism on the topic of sustainable urban development in Europe, the linkages between urban researchers and urban policy-makers, and the role governments play in tackling the challenges of sustainable urbanism

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The role of psychology in the radicalisation process

April 2017

The EUKN interviewed Mr Ahmad Mansour, a psychologist and an author, a Programme Director at the Brussels based European Foundation for Democracy on the topic of radicalisation and the role of psychology and the local governments in the radicalisation process.

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Urban mobility challenges in Europe

January 2017

The EUKN interviewed Mr Gonçalo Correia and Mr Nuno Pinto, experts on urban mobility, in light of the EUKN Policy Lab for the Czech Republic on the topic of Urban Mobility held on 14 December 2016 in Prague.

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Migration and role of cities

December 2016

The EUKN interviewed Mayor Leoluca Orlando from the city of Palermo. In 2016 the city of Palermo has adopted a charter that promotes the right to individual mobility for all people and the abolition of the residence permit. In this interview, Mayor explains his views on migrations and the role cities can play in this. 

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State of European Cities Report - new degree of urbanisation

November 2016

The EUKN interviewed Mr Lewis Dijkstra, Deputy Head of the Economic Analysis Unit of DG REGIO, the editor of the Cohesion Reports, and the co-editor of the State of European Cities Report. The interview focuses on the main findings of the Report including the new degree of urbanisation, and the evidence-based urban policy-making.

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The role of local governments in tackling urban poverty

August 2016

The EUKN interviewed Ms Laura Colini and Mr Iván Tosics from URBACT which is involved in the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Urban Poverty on the topics reduction of poverty and improving the inclusion of people in poverty or at risk of poverty in deprived neighbourhoods.

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Urban implications and governance of CEE migration

May 2016

The EUKN interviewed Mr Alfons Fermin, a social science and policy researcher, who has been working on the EUKN contribution to the IMAGINATION project on the urban implications and governance of Central and Eastern-European migration in Europe.

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Attitudes towards new sustainable mobility trends

March 2016

The EUKN interviewed Mr Philipp Rode, an Executive Director and a Research Fellow at LSE Cities on his theory of citizens attitudes and behaviour towards new urban mobility changes, government stimuli to these new sustainable mobility trends among cities and their citizen and effective policy options to encourage sustainable travel.

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Bristol-Europe’s Green Capital 2015

November 2015

The EUKN interviewed Mr George Ferguson, a Mayor of Bristol on the city's role as the Europe’s Green Capital 2015 the role of cities at the Conference on Climate Change. “It has been a challenge for cities to make their voices heard, but we are determined and Bristol is working with Paris and others to help bring the voice of cities to the climate talks at COP21”. 

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Refugee crisis in European cities

October 2015

The EUKN interviewed Ms Anna Lisa Boni, a Secretary General of EUROCITIES about the opinion in her response to the current refugee crisis and how the ongoing crisis of the refugees has presented challenging tasks for European cities.

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Increased need for affordable housing

September 2015

The EUKN interviewed Dr Darinka Czischke from the Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment in order to get the with insights, definitions and examples on the topic of affordable housing.

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Benefits from green spaces and small-scale developments

August 2015

The EUKN interviewed Ms Daniela Patti and Mr Levente Polyak, founders of the Eutropian on the topic of how sustainable management, social cohesion and diversity of activities in urban areas became a growing trend and how communities and multi-stakeholders are getting together and why public administration needs to be on hand to help align community initiatives.

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Migration and integration policies of the 21st century

July 2015

The EUKN interviewed Dr Peter Scholten, a leading migration expert, an Associate Professor of Public Policy & Politics at ERASMUS University Rotterdam on the IMAGINATION Project and about his findings and opinions on the term ‘crisis of Europe’ regarding the migration and integration policies of the 21st century.

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Small- and medium-sized urban areas

June 2015

The EUKN interviewed Ms Ilona Raugze, a Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development about Latvia’s urban development priorities in light of the Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2015.

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Smart cities

May 2015

The EUKN interviewed Ms Júlia López, a Project Manager of European and Regional Digital Strategy, A.K.A Smart Cities, for the Municipality of Barcelona. An engineer by trade, Júlia López tells the EUKN about her understanding behind the concept of smart cities and why Barcelona is one of Europe’s pioneers in uniting technology and society.

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Branding cities

March 2015

The EUKN interviewed Mr Miguel Rivas, a lead expert for URBACT’s CityLogo on the topic of city branding and to understand why and what European cities are implementing to generate a leading position and how they can add approaches to push this position even further.

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Zero waste and circular economy

March 2015

The EUKN interviewed MrChristiaan Norde from Platform31, the EUKN's knowledge partner in order to better understand how and why the circular economy is to be applied and how the circular model can impact our societies.

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Urban security in Europe

January 2015

The EUKN interviewed Mr Martijn Neef from TNO and Project Manager for BESECURE. This European funded project aims to strengthen European urban security by sharing experiences and practices among security stakeholders and urban policymakers.

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A key tool to a successful partnership in BrabantStad

October 2014

The EUKN interviewed Ms Natasja Wijnen, a key-speaker of the Policy Lab for Hungary held on 26 September 2014 and a manager of the BrabantStad Office in the Netherlands, to find out what are the secrets behind such a successful cooperation.

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Swedish experiences with ageing, care and housing

November 2013

The EUKN interviewed Ms Cecilia Henning, a researcher and an Associate Professor at the School of Health Sciences at Jönköping University, in order to get insights into the Swedish long tradition of decentralized health care responsibilities and vast experience in supporting independent living for elderly people.

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Forests in future Porto

March 2013

The EUKN interviewed Ms Marta Pinto, the project’s Coordinator from Porto’s Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development - RCE Porto about the “Futuro” project which aims to plant 100.000 native trees in Porto’s Metropolitan Area but without any allocated budget.

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