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The urban landscape is ever changing. The EUKN is an established, trustworthy partner and platform for urban knowledge, concerned with modern-day urban challenges and policies in Europe. In order to focus on recent developments taking place in its field of work, EUKN publishes monthly Urban Review newsletter.

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​​​​​​​EUKN Urban Review November 2019

In the past weeks, the EUKN has kept busy organising a Policy Lab for Czechia which took place in Prague on 14 November. The event explored the notion of Functional Urban Areas (FUAs), giving specific attention to metropolitan and cross-border zones. Planning has also started to coordinate a Policy Lab for Spain to be held in Madrid, concomitantly with COP25: the event will create a meaningful platform to discuss the challenges faced by depopulating rural areas and the interfaces with issues such as climate change.

EUKN's staff has also contributed to noteworthy urban events such as UN-HABITAT 2019 World Cities Day celebrated in Bilbao on 31 October, and the Conference Erasme-Descartes held in Amsterdam on 15 November.