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​​​​​​​EUKN Urban Review October 2020

The world is facing three unprecedented environmental crises: biodiversity loss, climate change and the pollution and waste crisis. The causes of these challenges are interlinked, as are the solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic is closely related to these crises. It is partly caused by environmental degradation, but, equally, is now presenting us with an opportunity to implement a 'green recovery'. To be effective, it needs to tackle the huge consumption of materials and energy currently intrinsic to our urban infrastructure, and its corresponding waste and pollution. Our October newsletter explores how and why Nature-based solutions (NBS) could offer one way to do this.

News from the Network:  

  • Kick-off of new NBS EUKN partner project, CONEXUS
  • EUKN Event: Urban Agenda for the EU Partnerships in the Spotlight
  • The seventh Urban Voices article: an interview with Salomé Galjaard, Deputy Programme Manager for Circular Economy at the Municipality of Amsterdam, about the city's new Circular Policy

News from the Urban World:  

  • George Monbiot and Greta Thunberg tell us how we can stop climate change via NBS in a short video by The Guardian
  • Two European NBS platforms worth checking out: Oppla and Naturvation
  • Fresh Lockdown Lectura list on NBS

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