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​​​​​​​EUKN Urban Review December 2020: The New Leipzig Charter Edition

As a result of a co-creative process that started in 2018, the New Leipzig Charter was endorsed during the informal meeting of the Ministers responsible for urban matters on 30 November 2020. 

The Charter represents a major milestone to achieve more integrated urban development in Europe, strongly emphasising the transformative power of cities for the common good. It aims to provide a framework for local and regional authorities, Member States  and  EU-level  authorities to  foster  more  resilient and sustainable cities and urban areas. 

The EUKN Secretariat is delighted to have contributed to the process via our support to the 2020 German Presidency of the EU Council.

This month's EUKN Urban Review is a special edition dedicated to the New Leipzig Charter. Keep scrolling to find out more about the process of developing the Charter and what it means for integrated urban development in Europe today and in the future. Plus, discover the latest EUKN events and publications!

Our special edition feautures:  

  • Thinking Forwards Podcast Episode on the New Leipzig Charter: "Cities for the Common Good: How Europe Drives Future Urban Development"
  • EUKN Publications on the Charter 
  • The New Leipzig Charter Process in Action 
  • An invitation to the upcoming EUKN webinar for Spain
  • #8 Urban Voices: The New Leipzig Charter Edition (we went backstage with The New Leipzig Charter VIPs!)

Among other news, articles and studies. Read it now to find out more!