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​​​​​​​EUKN Urban Review September 2020

The pandemic has shed a new light on the paradoxical nature of urban tourism, with some city centres experiencing relief and a local-led revival and others suffering as the tourist industry - and the city economy - is hit hard. The question remains: will urban tourism ever be what it once was? And, more importantly, do we want it to be? If not, how do we reconfigure local economies in some cities away from their dependence on tourism? It seems that now, finally, it's time to address the question of what urban tourism should - or could - be.

News from the Network:  

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News from the Urban World:  

  • Euronews: Venice Considers a New Tourism Model
  • Apply to the European Social Catalyst Fund (ESCF)
  • The Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF) Call for Proposals 
  • The International Journal of Tourism Cities Call for Papers

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