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​​​​​​​EUKN Urban Review July 2020

The period of lockdown-easing is well underway in Europe; countries have opened their borders and terraces across the continent are bustling with people drinking their first beers of the summer - albeit at a safe distance. With some lessons about Europe's crisis-response already learnt, the focus has now turned to planning the recovery. The question of how we rebuild local economies to be more resilient to these kind of shocks is at the tip of everyone's tongues. This month's newsletter focuses on the theme of the moment: rebuilding local economies in the wake of COVID-19.
News from the Network:  

  • Webinar for Slovenia: Unravelling the ‘Green’ Actions of the Urban Agenda for the EU 
  • EUKN takes part in Eutropian Cooperative Cities Webinar 
  • EUKN Webinar - COVID-19: A Catalyst for More Sustainable Urban Mobility? 
  • The third Urban Voices article by our very own Senior Policy and Project Officer, Lea Scheurer - The New Leipzig Charter: A Personal Perspective 

News from the Urban World:  

  • Upcoming urban webinars  
  • New Urban Agenda for the EU Interactive Infographic 
  • The UDMH Journal for Urban Design and Mental Health Calls for Submissions on COVID-19 
  • Our third curated Lockdown Lectura list at the bottom of this newsletter, bringing you a short selection of the best reads on rebuilding local economies in the wake of pandemics 

Among other news, articles and studies. Read it now to find out more!