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#7: Salomé Galjaard on... Amsterdam's Circular Economy Strategy

We dive into Amsterdam's new Circular City Policy with Salomé Galjaard, Circular Economy Programme Manager at the Municipality of Amsterdam. 

Read the interview here.

#6: Urban Thinkers' perspective on...COVID-19: A Catalyst for More Sustainable Urban Mobility?

This article summarises each speaker’s contribution to the Urban Thinkers Campus webinar organised by the EUKN, giving you an insight into the multiple ways we can better plan urban mobility to be greener, fairer and more inclusive in a post-pandemic world.

#5: Luca de Stefano on...Urban Design in the Context of Pandemics

'Like every young designer out there, we wanted to change the world. [...] We believed that our collective impact could be much bigger than one guy designing beautiful museums. And that was how Non-Architecture was born.'

Read the full interview here. 

#4: Chiara Lucchini on... What the Pandemic Taught Us about City Living and Making

'Public spaces can and should play a key role in the recovery plans. They are spaces for experimentation of temporary, provisional solutions to the emergency and can act as a “generative” tool'.

Read the full interview here.

#3: The New Leipzig Charter: A Personal Perspective

"Building a personal bond with a political declaration does not seem the most natural thing for a young professional to do. However, when it comes to the (New) Leipzig Charter, this is what has happened to me." 

Read Lea's article here.

#2: Daniela Patti on... Urban Resilience in the Face of Pandemics

The EUKN interviewed Daniela Patti, Director of Eutropian, about what the COVID-19 outbreak is teaching us about urban resilience as lived reality.

Read the full interview.

#1: Expert Perspectives on... Urban Resilience in the Face of Pandemics

The EUKN spoke to four urban experts - Simin Davoudi, Esteban León, Chiara Tomaselli and Martin Grisel - about their view on urban resilience in the face of pandemics. 

Read the expert perspectives here.