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#5: Luca de Stefano on...Urban Design in the Context of Pandemics

'Like every young designer out there, we wanted to change the world. [...] We believed that our collective impact could be much bigger than one guy designing beautiful museums. And that was how Non-Architecture was born.'

Read the full interview here. 

#4: Chiara Lucchini on... What the Pandemic Taught Us about City Living and Making

'Public spaces can and should play a key role in the recovery plans. They are spaces for experimentation of temporary, provisional solutions to the emergency and can act as a “generative” tool'.

Read the full interview here.

#3: The New Leipzig Charter: A Personal Perspective

"Building a personal bond with a political declaration does not seem the most natural thing for a young professional to do. However, when it comes to the (New) Leipzig Charter, this is what has happened to me." 

Read Lea's article here.

#2: Daniela Patti on... Urban Resilience in the Face of Pandemics

The EUKN interviewed Daniela Patti, Director of Eutropian, about what the COVID-19 outbreak is teaching us about urban resilience as lived reality.

Read the full interview.

#1: Expert Perspectives on... Urban Resilience in the Face of Pandemics

The EUKN spoke to four urban experts - Simin Davoudi, Esteban León, Chiara Tomaselli and Martin Grisel - about their view on urban resilience in the face of pandemics. 

Read the expert perspectives here.